Let me tell you my story...

My name is Emily Rose

My name is Emily Rose



Let's start at the beginning.



I was born in a small town called Narrogin, Western Australia. I was raised in the beautiful city of Perth, surrounded by the hills and the beaches of this beautiful place.

Art has been in my blood since I was born, and I grew up in very creative surroundings.

My love for hair started early, I used to cut my dolls hair and sometimes even my own! My family would sit there for hours letting my play the hairdresser.
I was confident from the start that Hair Artistry was my calling.


MY JOURNEY into the industry began at the age of 15.



I couldn’t stop sharing my excitement and aspirations of becoming a hairdresser, so I left school at the age of 15 to chase that dream.

I enjoyed every moment of my time at the basin and learning from one of the best mentors I could have asked for in Perth! But with broom in hand, I could always see the bigger picture.

Working in a salon I was limited to my creativity and limited to being more involved in the industry. I was on my own journey of self development, and I felt like I was learning more through my own experimentation.

For years I dreamed of breaking away to become a freelance Hair Artist, and I felt now was the time.

In 2016 I took the plunge...resigning from my full time managers roll to pursue my freelance development with no knowing where, or how far I would get. But with a supportive network behind me I had the confidence to at least give it a shot.

Boy am i glad I did!


I now do what i love every single day.



My heart was full of butterflies as I posted out the world that Emily Rose was now in business.

Although I had only just launched Emily Rose as a 'brand', I was creating long before that. For me its not ONLY my decade of experience, but my PASSION. My passion that I have now, more than ever for what I do.

In the small suburb of Perth, Piara Waters, stands my little piece of the world, my home. Inside is my Studio is where I create.

I want to create a space that women feel comfortable to be themselves in and relax. I bring with me the high standards of larger salons into my studio but with a personal touch, using top of the range products and a lot of experience.

I'm so lucky to meet beautiful humans, give confidence using hair as my canvas, enjoying what I do every single day!

I specialise in styling for all special occasions .I feel honoured to help someone prepare for their special day what ever that may be, and find it hard to hold back my tears of joy for them.

I have a strong understanding of how colour works and I like to educate others in how the process of hair colour works also. I do not specialise in one hair colour, I love to paint all the colours of the rainbow and believe in choosing a colour to best suit ones skin tone. I get so excited to help a client go from dark to light or change up their colour to suit the season or trend!

I wish to expand my horizon. I love nothing more then getting out and working on projects, cat walks, photo-shoots and love supporting other small businesses.

I love my craft so much that I will forever live and breathe it.

I am so excited to finally have a meeting place to share my work with you all and answer all of your questions. Im hoping this will grow into a creative archive of blogs, collaboratives, hair advice, and inspiration.

I want to thank you for visiting my site and reading my ramblings.

x ER

If you want to know more about the studio, my prices and services you can read below...