Recently I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I came across a meme - “when you realise kids born in the year 2000 are turning 18 Years old next year" boy did it make me feel old!

Or what about driving down the road and a L-Plater or P-Plater with a “99BABE”  number plate overtakes you? Like what? they’re old enough to drive now? This month I turn 26 and I'm seeing the next generation bringing back some trends from when I was that age. 

It got me fast is time going...

The amount of trends that have come and gone in my 12 years of hairdressing so far is phenomenal. Fashion is adapting so fast! There will soon be the ‘next’ generation of all things beauty and fashion. It made me want to take a little trip down memory lane and see what trends have come and gone and what trends are here to stay!

So I got on my phone and messaged the lovely Renae Porter (@rpdreamhunter) and said ‘Ive got a concept if your ready to shoot some retro looks’  (she did not disappoint yet again!).

I got together two stunning sisters - Crystal and Michaela Pringle (Beautiful right?!) and asked them to model for us. I started to gather my creative team in order to bring my vision to life! 

Dee (@dee_perth) was so excited to paint some faces inspired by some of our favourite makeup trends. Kylie’s Kloset gowns of course to show how some of our glam looks are inspired from many years ago. Twenty Three Cupids styled all of our retro looks - just think mum jeans, grease lightning and that grungy look through the 90s. Lastly some jewels from Jukes Street bringing back the chokers and hoops!

Bellow are some retro images of some of my favourite looks from some of the generations over the years and a few of may favourite milestones from that era. I can't wait to hear what you think!  

I could start in the stone age really, or even travel right back to the 1920s and 30s but I’m sure I could write a book if we go back that far hehe. So lets start at the 60s and take it from there!


The decade that began on 1st January 1960 and ended on 31st December 1969.
60s the year of the stone age sitcom The Flinstones and when The Brady Bunch made their debut. To say it was a good year for music would be an understatement with some of my favourite releases from The Beatles and Stevie Wonder. Not to mention the man on the moon! But what about the fashion? Well in the 60s even though it is hard to pin point who set the trend, Mary Quant started selling the mini skirt at her boutique in London. 

In the 60s I think its safe to say the hair did all the talking. Wigs and hair pieces were very popular and the beehive was the most famous of all, (just think Brigitte Bardot!). One style that was created in the 60s which I feel has been carried down through generations has to be the pony tail. We seem to over the years have even adapted it to the half up half down concept but in ways still resembles that high volumous pony tail, now more than ever the bigger the pony the better. 


Ahhhh to live life in the 70s! I so wish I was there to see it! That free flowing hippie fashion. Flares and platforms, and hippy prints. In the 70s the youth seemed to rid the conservative features of the 50s and 60s with a much more laid back attitude.  One trend in the 70s that has stood out to me was the term “frosting” a technique that has really come back in the way of free hand colouring, baby lights. Flicks and wings seemed to be a big thing going around, think "that 70s show” . It was time to have the page boy hair cut and the Afro. I love to see the 70s bangs back in fashion, a beautiful way to frame the face!



1980s the year of the Rubix Cube, Nintendo and Pac-man. Which might I like these are coming back bigger than ever! ET phoned home and The Empire Struck back. We had music icons setting big trends to follow. Musicians Michael Jackson and Madonna were considered two of the most successful pop artists. They even encouraged the leather jackets and the acid wash denim, some of my favs! MTV had launched and made a massive impact in the way trends were set. There was the mullet and the hi-top, fades and lets not forget the perm! Looking at photographs of my mother in that era I feel as though she carried off the perm well, she looked beautiful. They stuffed their shirts and jackets with shoulder pads and raybans were a big yes, (still are to this day).

My beautiful Mum.

My beautiful Mum.


1990s - Happy Birthday to me hehe! Yup thats right I’m a 90s Baby Spice! had to drop that in first! Spice Girls were my absolute favourite! They were the biggest global pop acts of the decade! The images of what they looked like are most likely imprinted in most of our minds. The looks they had were one of a kind and inspired many of us to follow. We spent most of our time fighting over Pokemon cards (gotta catch em all). Big movies hit the screens. I still remember the day my parents watched Titanic (they said I was too young at that time). Then came Disney and Toy Story - and even though they were animated, people would and still dress up like them. Friends created ‘the Rachel’ with women all over the world copying her sitcom hair style. The grunge scene was massive and alternative rock became mainstream. We spent most of our weekends watching RAGE. Bleach blonde seemed to pop up out of no where, with boy bands and pop artists all over the globe. We had tamagotchis and slapped bracelets (I think we all thought we were pretty cool). 


Some looks in the early 2000s could have been somewhat confused, pulling bits from 50s-90s and mixing them all together. 

Hi! My name is.. you guessed it! Eminem was considered one of the most successful artists of the decade. Hip hop reached its commercial peak bringing in baggy pants/trackies. Chunky highlights were around  and baby lights were in! It was all about long dead straight hair, tight styles with just a couple of strands left out. 

EMILY ROSE GENERATIONS - social res-4401.jpg

The Year 2017 

Everywhere you go you see so many fashion statements that were out and around years before our time. Everything seems to go around in circles and somehow we end up drawing inspiration from our past and creating something to suit the current social climate.

 Some trends may come and go. Some we are happy to see left in the past.

 I get asked a lot what is in trend currently. I would say that there is  always something new (or being brought back from the past) but at the end of the day just because its in ‘trend’ doesn’t necessarily mean that its what we should be doing - or if it is suitable for your hair type or face shape.

Trends are always evolving but my favourite time of the year are mid seasons, I personally love when fashion and seasons collide.

 So whats next? What do you think we will be seeing having a comeback soon? I vote crimps! I used to love crimping my hair when I was younger. I wouldn’t say lets all go and crimp our whole head (hellooo afro) but try straightening your hair and just crimping sections or even a mixture of curls and crimped pieces. Perfect for that Summer/ Festival season coming our way. 

EMILY ROSE GENERATIONS - social res-4182.jpg

Are you a creative? The next trend could be in your hands!

Many years ago they could have come from the most famous fashion designers to the movie on TV. But something I think we should all realise is that the power is now in our hands! Yep! that device you hold at the coffee shop when your with all your friends! Social media and technology is paving the pathway for the next generations to come!

We are so powerful. What we post, the messages we send to the world. That is the way we see whats ‘in’ now. Fashion, hair and beauty is moving so quickly now. Just as one trend dies the next trend is set. How amazing that YOU could be someone that the future generations look to for what they want to wear to their 21st or how they want to do their hair or makeup.

You could be the next Insta famous trend setter! 

Check our some more of the shots from our shoot - inspired by days gone by:

xx Emily

Renae Porter