Here comes the sun *insert Beatles song here*.

My Name is Emily Rose and this is my Summer Hair Care blog. Every summer I get asked the same questions from my clients which made me want to bring to you some hair care tips of mine that will ensure your hair is taken care of  this summer. 


What do you think of first when you hear the word summer?

Some of you thought hot or heat, was I right?


Well... if you’re living in the same state as me, Perth’s summer goes from December to February and can be very hot and dry, with an average of 17.5-30*c. 

However,  it’s not just the temperature forecast we should be looking at in summer. There is something a lot of us in Australia don’t think about and that’s our Ultra Violet Index Forecast. 

If you're heading out this summer make sure you check out the UV Index forecast in your local weather reports. 


Here are some tips for you to avoid heat damage this summer:


Skip the Heat!

You need a barrier between your hair and the sun. The way you can create this is with SPF. A product that has several ingredients helping to prevent the suns UV rays from getting to your scalp and skin. You can also find this in hair products to prevent the rays from attacking your beautiful salty locks.


How does SPF work? It takes approximately 20 minutes for your skin, scalp and hair to start seeing and feeling The affects from the sun. Using SPF 15 can help prevent the affects from UV rays. 


So you’ve done the right thing by applying SPF 15 to your locks to avoid any heat damage from the sun, but there are other measures you can take to prevent further heat damage.


Put the tools down!

I would like to say avoiding heat tools all together would be ideal but, let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen, so why not try this; Have a look on your straightening irons or wand. There should be an option to turn down the heat. Try styling on your lowest heat possible without  running the irons throughyour hair too many times. You can also try  blow-drying on low to no heat too. Applying heat protectant will also help prevent any further heat damage this summer and it should become your beach bestie!


Heat Cleanse

Why not try a heat cleanse this summer? Go el naturel for a month or two, your hair will LOVE you for it! Put away your styling tools and enjoy your natural locks (more time to spend on perfecting those brows or that high light in the morning instead). If frizz is an issue, you will find that this will fix that in no time, just be patient. 


It’s one of THE most popular questions I get asked over the years.

“How often should I get a haircut?”

I’m about to tell you my opinion that is a general opinion of the topic, keeping in mind everyone’s hair is different. Your hair grows on average 1cm per month. If you want to grow your hair, by having a trim every 6 weeks,you aren’t going to see much change to the length. The 6 weeks rule shouldn’t apply to all hair textures. Say you love your length and want to maintain it. I would 100% recommend getting say you should get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks. Removing any split ends will prevent further damage on other parts of the hair shaft.


Now, in summer time, we put our strands through a lot more stress than the rest of the year. So here’s what I would suggest. If you're trying to grow your hair, or if the ends are so dry that you start getting knots, or you want to go lighter and colouring regularly... then your hair has been compromised and it needs regular trims, otherwise you will get breakage. I would recommend , if your hair is very damaged you could easily go for a slight trim as frequently as every 4-6 weeks until your hair condition starts to improve. 


To prevent any breakage and to delay your haircuts, I would recommend doing regular Deep Conditioning Masks, especially before and after a colour service. 

For most people summer means more buns, braids and ponytails. However,  the constant pulling can lead to breakage. Here are some tips to stop breakage:

-         Wait until your hair is dry before putting it up; your hair is at its weakest moment when wet.

-         If you go to the gym on a regular basis the best style for minimal breakage would be a French braid. 

-         Try switching around the position of where you wear your ponytail every day. 

-         Loosen your style! Tight elastics and  braids can put so much stress on the hair that is already under pressure from every other element of styling. 

-         Try using a scrunchy or snag free band, even a large clip.

-         You must put a  detangling product on your mid lengths to ends before brushing your hair at any time.

Give your hand a little help to get that brush though, trust me it will thank you for it!


How often should I wash my hair in summer? Well, as you know we get hot and sweaty during summer,  so what is the thing we love to do most? Cool down. Unless your hair is super oily, washing it every day can make it super dry and lead to breakage. Try washing your hair once a week utilising dry shampoo to soak up any oils from your roots, leaving the natural oils to nourish the ends. When washing your hair, focus your shampoo on the roots only and don’t be afraid to do two shampoos if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days, especially if you have been to the beach and have sand on your scalp. 


The sun can naturally lighten your hair and take away the colour and gloss you recently paid a lot of money for at the salon. If you have just recently had your hair coloured I wouldn’t suggest swimming straight after the service. If you are going to the beach in the following days after your hair colour, I would recommend to put your hair up  and try not getting it wet at all. 


 Have you ever left a Black t-shirt in the direct sunlight for a few hours during the hottest time of the day in summer? Then taken it off the line to notice that your t-shirt has almost been bleached by the sun? Now imagine what the sun can do to your hair colour.


If ever in doubt visit your hairdresser or email me to discuss the condition of your hair and the options. 


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy hair food”


H20!! I know it doesn’t taste like much, but water sure does make significant changes when it comes to your hair. Water helps you to process and flush out toxins faster, making it a quick and easy method to help your hair grow a lot faster. Keeping you hydrated from the inside out, perfect for those hot summer days! 

When you don’t drink enough water the lack of hydration causes dehydration impacting hair growth and strength. Drinking plenty of  water can also help with preventing scalp issues and hair loss. So, I hope I have given you  another reason to down those glasses of H20 each day!


Find drinking water too plain Jane?

Try these tips

-         Add some natural flavouring such as fruits and cucumber or even some mint leaves. 

-         We all love apps these days, and guess what there’s one to track your water intake and can even set reminders for you.

-         When you’re reaching for a soda give some sparkling water a go. 

-         Use a marked water bottle to keep up with your water intake for the day.


As much as I wish chocolate had a part to play when it comes to healthy hair (we can just pretend  it does)

Here are some tips from food groups that will help you gain  healthy shiny locks this summer

-         Salmon, loaded with Vitamin D, protein, omega 3 and fatty acids. 

-         Yellow peppers.

-         Oysters.

-         Eggs, containing biotin.

-         Sunflower seeds.

-         Sweet potato.

-         Avocado.

-         Almonds.


Do you  have all of the above covered already? 

Go  one step further for healthier, stronger, shinier locks and try  some of these vitamins which can help with nutritional deficiencies linked to hair issues:

-         Vitamin A

-         Vitamin B?

-         Vitamin C

-         Vitamin D

-         Vitamin E

-         Iron

-         Zinc

-         Protein 


It’s best to try and find a natural supplement that covers most, if not all, of these amazing vitamins.


Although other factors such as  hormones, age and genetics  can affect hair growth, nutrience is key to getting on track to healthy skin and hair.


If you have any concerns about your current hair condition and have tried everything that your stylist has recommend to help with any scalp issues or excessive hair fall, I would recommend you see a nutritionist or naturopath. So often  we  spend lots of money on creams and products, but it can also be an issue which needs  to be dealt with from the inside out. 


I’m sure this section will appeal to most of you as it seems to be the area that a lot of people seek  advice about.

There are so many traditions over the years that I think we could avoid. Such as  applying tomato sauce to your hair to get rid of that lovely green tone from the swimming pool. 


I myself dive head under in the ocean. There’s nothing better on a hot day than swimming in the sea. Not to mention how good the salt water is for your scalp and skin. However,  the worst thing you can do is swim in the ocean, dry off in the sun and hop back in your car with the window down. The salt water will dry out your hair and ruin your beautiful colour. I would suggest the first thing you do is rinse your hair under cold water, squeeze out the water and lather your hair in leave in conditioner. 


Be careful with your beach towel! Try not to damage your hair by being rough. Instead try squeezing the water out and applying your miracle hair treatment! Stick to cold water rinses. The cold water will help keep the cuticle closed to prevent damage and fading.

Salt and sea water fades your colour fast. Chlorine can discolour your hair and sometimes even turn it green. If your hair is porous it’s basically a sponge waiting to absorb all the green goodness from the swimming pool.


If you go swimming in a chlorinated pool regularly I would suggest.


-         Wetting your hair thoroughly and apply conditioner to damp hair as your hair will absorb less of the pool water.

-         If you are blonde or have your hair coloured regularly, braid your hair and wear a swimming cap. 

-         Choose a shampoo that has less Sulphates that also make the colour come out faster. 

-         Try not to use too many cleansing shampoos if you don’t want to remove too much of your colour. 

-         Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! In the hope that after swimming it should help to flush the chlorine and chemicals out.

-          Always use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush on wet hair. 



Pineapple hair!

My code for Bed Bun.

Styling your hair high on your head is another way to create some beautiful waves for the next day. This is the best way to get all your hair up out of the way so there is no damage to your strands while you sleep. I would recommend using a scrunchy (yes 90s are back so rock it!) That way there is less stress on your strands. Apply lots of leave in conditioner for your hair to soak up overnight and hey, that means less frizz in the morning. What bed hair?


Going to bed with wet/damp hair is a BIG no no. This is very  damaging on your hair and ruins any chance of you having a good hair day the next morning as it will only encourage more heat styling the next day. Dry your hair well before you go to bed, or if you like your hair to dry naturally, consider washing your hair early in the morning. Sleeping with a damp scalp can also lead to scalp issues. Not to mention the moisture that will grow on your pillow.


Invest in a silk pillow case. You will feel like a princess while you sleep and you will wake up in the morning with less frizz and knots.


3 Minute Treatment 

This is a MUST in your shower this summer!

With a blend of shea butter and wheat proteins to treat and repair damaged hair. 


Miracle Hair

A lightweight treatment, suited to all hair types. 

With Eleven benefits, this little guy should become your beach bestie!


Sea Salt Texture Spray 

Want that Beach look without stepping foot on the sand?

This light weight spray that gives you that beach look and feel. With wheat protein and sea salt for volume and texture. 


Thank you SO much for taking some time out from your day to read this blog! 

ER x 


Emily Harvey