If your reading this then I want to welcome you to my first EVER Blog! 

I am about to share with you my life long career and the reason I do what I do… My Why.

I could tell you a generic “hairdressing is my career because I get to do what I love everyday,” which is true, but I owe it to myself to get raw on this topic. To do so I need you to come on a little journey with me for a minute or so. 

SO….press pause on your Netflix, turn off your notifications and take a seat. I want you to close your eyes and imagine….Actually...don’t do that because this is a Blog not a Vlog so I’m going to need you to continue reading. 

You’ve just been to the hair salon.

Your walking to your car and feel the wind in your hair. As you unlock your car you observe the radiance of your hair colour from the sun shine in your window. As you get in your car you can’t help yourself but take another look in your revision mirror before driving home. As soon as you get in the door you take a few snaps on your smart phone. You scroll through until you find the right picture to caption, *Just had my hair done #feelingbeautiful #freshhair (haircut emoji, person getting a head massage emoji, dancer emoji.) Then you smile as you start getting likes and comments such as *YAS GIRL,Stunning!,Just Beautiful,Suits you so much (love heart eyes emoji) Because of course we all know those fresh hair feelings. 

The next morning you catch a glimpse of your self in the mirror and smile. Mainly because your hair has been up in a dirty messy bun for days and today, there is no styling require since its still on point from the day before. Do you know what else this means? Coffee. Why you ask? Because less time in front of the mirror means you can meet a friend for coffee today. You meet your friend and she won’t stop going on about how lovely you look and how shiny your hair is. You go about your day, receiving comments from all of those around you making you feel uplifted and ready to take on the world. 

From just HAIR to actual FEELINGS. It transforms you, Makes you feel younger, full of life and confident! Therapy in the best of forms.

Sound familiar? Some of you have already experienced this feeling. 

How you feel in those moments, the confidence you gain, that positive ripple effect.

I get to empower women every day!

THAT... is my why!

ER x 

HOMERenae Porter